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About Us

Why Buy and Sell your firearms and outdoor equipment through ArmsWarehouse?

ArmsWarehouse was created as an auction site to fill the needs of the Shooting & Outdoor sports industry.

Come sell or buy guns, outdoor equipment, and related products on the fastest growing website dedicated to filling the needs of the firearms and outdoor enthusiast.

ArmsWarehouse isn't the largest online auction site, but we're growing ever day. Post your item in ArmsWarehouse where interested parties will see them. Your firearms, hunting, shooting equipment or any of your outdoor sports related products wont get lost in an endless list of similar items. Folks first have to find and see your items to buy them.

This site was designed to be simplistic both in operation and function. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to navigate through its pages. Registration is fast and easy and in no time you'll be posting your items or placing bids.

Security & Privacy is our first priority

Great measures have been taken to ensure that your transactions are held confidential and know that your personal information is secure while conducting business at ArmsWarehouse.
Internet commerce has become popular and commonplace, and where there is online business, there is the risk of electronic thievery. This is why Armswarehouse does not capture and retain your credit card information, thus minimizing personal risks. Member accounts are set up in a Pay As You Go method, and you process your own charges when setting up & settling auctions. Here at Armswarehouse, you're safe, sound and secure, rest assured!

...and remember, we're all like family here, treat the other members they way you'd like to be treated, honestly and respectfully, like this is your ArmsWarehouse.

We are sure you will enjoy doing business with us!

Thank-you, from the Staff of ArmsWarehouse

Steps to getting started: It's easy!

1) Register as a Member
2) Search a category
3) (Place a Bid) to enter in on an auction, or (Buy Out) to end the auction and purchase the item without waiting.
4) You will receive a notification email (Successful Purchase) that will provide to you the sellers contact information. You'll have 4 days from the time you purchase the item to complete the transaction.

Never wait for the other party to contact you, be proactive.

1) Register as a Member
2) Press the (Sell Your Item) key on the Home Page
3) Choose a category that best fits the description of your item. Sub-categories available.
4) Choose (Listing Type), Fill in (Title) (Description), press (Next Step)
5) Choose (Auction Type) then read the options carefully. These available options have their own descriptions and are self-explanatory. When you've completed this portion, press (Next Step)
6) Shipping Details: Fill in the Details concerning (Shipping & acceptable Payment methods)
7) Lastly: You will see a review of the conditions of your sale. Look it over carefully to make sure the information you submitted if clear, precise, honest. Press (List Now) to activate your Auction. Your Item Is Now Posted to ArmsWarehouse. Note: If you have utilized enhanced features, you will be led to and instructed to make payment for such.

At Auctions End
: When a Member purchases your item, you will receive a notification email stating that end of auction fees are due. (Sale Fee Payment Notification email) You'll be provided with a link to payment processing to finalize sale fee payment. For Security purposes and your credit safety, ArmsWarehouse Does Not Retain You Credit Card Information in its database. You process all payments that are made at the ArmsWarehouse. You will never wonder if a credit card charge is valid or not.
Note: Print your transactions to keep a transaction record.
When payment is made, you will receive an email containing the buyer contact information.
You had 3 days from the time you receive your (Successful Sale) notification email to complete the transaction.
Never wait for the other party to contact you, be proactive.

To access the auction sale contact information:
Click on: My Storeroom:
For the Seller; then click on Selling, then Closed.
For the Buyer; then click on Bidding, then click Won Items.
(Here you will have access to the Buyers / Sellers contact information.


Note: Early Members, Active members that are engaged in auctions;
Notification emails may go into your Spam or Junk mail files.
Be sure to add the ArmsWarehouse emails to your security system to avoid miss-communications.

Helpful Hints:

If you need a item specific category:
Visit your My Storeroom page. There you will see your Members Menu, click on Selling, then go into Suggest a Category, and submit your request. We will do our best to create a category specific to your item.

All firearms must be shipped to a licensed FFL holder. If your state requires you make shipments to and from a licensed FFL dealer, you are responsible for making proper transfers. Know your states laws & regulations concerning the transfer of firearms!

If you wish to change any of your personal information, example; phone number, email address, etc. go to your My Storeroom/Members Area, click on My Account from the Members Menu.
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